Ceangal Sith Picture

This is Ceangal Síth which I swear is the last Gaelic name I will ever use, because they are really hard to pronounce, and the pronunciation rules in Gaelic make no sense whatsoever, which is why his name is pronounced Kengall See, or something like that. In his case though, it made sense for his character, as it means Spirit or Soul Link.
Anyway, he is the first original pony character I've made,and he was made for a friend of mine's pony comic called My Little Pony: Dracadia which can be found here fav.me/d5awffw.
Síth is a unicorn (obviously) from the pony equivalent of Scotland (Trotland? Glasplow? Shetland? Equestriburgh? I got nothin') whose cutie mark is a triskelion within a triangular celtic knot. The reason behind the name and the mark is because his special talent is based off of the Celtic mythology where there are three worlds/planes of existence: the Otherworld where spirits, gods, and goddesses (i.e. all of the mythological creatures featured in the series) live, the Mortal world where people are, and the Celestial world where the powers of the sun, moon, wind, stars, winds, etc. reside. Celestia and Luna, being a combination of the three, are able to travel between the three worlds at will. Síth's job is to link the three together. He can open portals that allow beings to go from one world to another, but has no control of who actually uses them. He just makes the links, he can't force anything through. So his fighting style consists mostly of opening a portal to the Otherworld and praying something helpful will want to come out of it. This plays into the story in many ways that I won't go into because one they aren't set in stone yet, and two I wouldn't want to ruin the story if they were.
And before you ask, no he can't use that link to bring someone back from the dead, though if they went to the portal he can converse with them, but ponies change when they cross over, and the Otherworld is a very different place from Equestria, so it isn't a terribly good idea to try.

I will eventually have a color version of him up.
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