Superlifter [Bubbleverse] Picture

Original caption:
crappy sketch thing

drawn with a mouse because i forgot my tablet pen at home during the move-out

this is one of the rockets that my goat-character works on in the canon of bubbleverse - she is a ground tech who hauls stuff and moves machinery to help fuel these things.

one of the advantages the goat homeworld Drywinds has over its prosperous colonies on Waterfall is heavy lift capability, and of all the fleet at the disposal of the Orbit Corps the Superlifter class of rockets best exemplifies this. built as skyscrapers made of fuel and engines, with a payload stack somewhere in the middle or on top, Superlifters are titanic cargoships capable of blasting entire space stations into orbit in one go, putting them a cut ahead of the Inner League in the conflict yet to come.

in the mythology of this rocket's country of origin, Drywinds' parent gas giant Blue Yonder is known by a different name-meaning that is reflected in the ship's title, Guiding Light of Mother Blue. the role of the blue planet as a creator-goddess is roughly analogous to the role of the Sun in human mythologies as a bringer of order or civilization, where Mother Blue maintains peace in the sky through the cycles of day and night, representing social order and protection as she keeps an eternal tide-locked vigil over the world.

this is my love letter to/inversion of 50s-era rocket designs like Phil Bono's very cool and very phallic Ithacus, which in keeping with the matriarchal society common to all goat cultures i drew with a more feminine, and sort of yonic/broadhipped profile.

please tell me what you think!

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