Sword of Justice Picture

"The sword of Justice was created by the Ancient Deities of the Before Existence of Everything. IT was a sword that was hidden on Angel Island (also known as Isle of the Ancients or Heavenly Isle) for the chosen hero to find and wield before the evil that will have invaded the peaceful planes in Existence. Though it had been imbued by the 8 Creators, it was to be imbued with the elements of the very isle. In 3rd Genesis Angel Island, a young Pikachu-boy by the Name of Ben Masai Hook (not to be confused by his more muscular god brother loved ones) and his brother Pikachu Masai had finally driven the prejudice that seperated light and darkness when the Elder remaining on the isle, Chaus, had told them of the sword's mythology and story. This lead the both of them to believe the Yin-Yang sword (the sword's present form in 3rd Genesis) was the legendary Justice Sword. Now that they have a new challenge before them they will find out soon enough the secret of the sword."

Whew.... better read than written
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