Echo Picture

I'm in love with Greek mythology. The story of Echo and Narcissus. It's a tragic love story, and I'm a sap for those. That and Greek mythology, again. For those who don't know the story,

A nymph named Echo witnessed Zeus's affair with yet ANOTHER woman, and lied to Hera about her husband's whereabouts. Thankful, Zeus gave Echo his ring. Hera, noticing the ring, punished Echo for using her voice to lie by making it so she could only say the end of people's sentences. Echo then fell in love with Narsiccus. He's the reason for the word narsiccistic. Thinking that he was too beautiful for Echo, he left her.

Now, Echo was a favorite of Aphrodite. Echo prayed (via thoughts) to the goddess and Aphrodite decided to end Echo's misury by making her invisible. Aphrodite vowed revenge on Narsiccus. When he was at a pond, Aphrodite made him fall in love with his reflection. The sun made the reflection's hair look long so it looked like a girl. Every time Narsiccus touched the water, the image rippled (of course) and he thought that the "girl" was shy. There are two different endings:

Narsiccus watched the reflection and tried to reach "her" until his death or

Narsiccus watched his reflection for so long that he turned into a flower, known as the narcissus, which leans towards the water.

I've had this picture since about the time I first had an account here. I had just finished the latest Percy Jackson book. SPOILER.
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