Got an Eye on Isis Picture

All right, I should probably first apologize to any watchers of mine who have been eagerly awaiting any sort of fan art. I haven't been submitting any sort of art lately, as most of the art that I've been doing has been for purposes purely outside of Deviant art. And now I finally post something that has nothing to do with the franchises beloved by my watchers.

So what's up with this thing? Well, pretty much, a big reason for my hiatus was that I had an almost literally monumental school project I was working on, which was about Egyptian mythology. I got a little hooked on it during my studies, and when this idea popped into my head, I felt I just had to put it on paper.

Which leads us to the picture here. One thing I was reading about in class was about how the goddess, Hathor was the eye of Ra (or Re, as we've been spelling his name in my class). I'd have to assume that the sun god wasn't exactly pleased after Isis's stunt with the scorpion, so one would imagine he'd want to have her under some security. Though by the looks of it, that's not all she's under...

Don't worry, fan art fans. I'm starting to feel like just giving up on my attempts to create non fan art for deviantart and skip straight to my fan art plans, so... Hold tight. But if anyone here happens to be into mythology, be on the lookout, because a few more similar works might be on the way.
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