Inge Picture

wanted to start working on american styled drawings as well as manga style,so i drew this guy

(uncolored version)

Name: Inge (real name: Isaac Norson)

Age: 14

Race: Caucasian Male,family originating from Denmark

Occupation: Student, "Viking in training"

Likes: Norse Mythology, comics, games(mostly hack n' slash and RPG kind of gamer), sword fighting, girls etc.

Dislikes: school, bullies, cowards, cinnamon-flavored candy

Personality: reckless, brave,sometimes rude to others but generally has a good heart

Appearance: has a fairly good build for a boy of his age(thanks to his sword training), he's a brunette with green eyes and a few freckles on his face. The viking garb that he wears is handmade (besides his sword,helmet,and the sun-shaped crest,which were restored heirlooms from his ancestors) the crest on his chest was made in honor of the Norse god of light,Baldr,who was known as a hero among the Norse gods. NOTE: those aren't his usual clothes. he wears normal clothes but that's for another drawing,derp

Bio: Nothing would be wrong this kid wanting to be a viking,if he were in the 11th century but....he lives in the 21st century. You see...Isaac is very passionate of his Viking ancestry to the point of wanting to be one,which makes him the target of many bullies at school(yes, he's a nerd). He also dreams of being a comic book artist,though that's only second to his main goal. His interest in Norse mythology was sparked by stories from his father,where he talked about his ancestry and many Norse. His father is also responsible for his son's skill in swordsmanship

Abilities: is a proficient swordsman with 2 years of training from his father.

*NOTE* i might update this since i still may have a few ideas for this guy
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