Sea dragon on parade 2009 Picture

Betty T. Kaos' artwork have been shown all over the world. Her work explores the mythologies of our culture, memetics, and thought systems. She has exhibited artwork in The Queens Museum of Art, The Amherst Museum, 3rd Ward, Antagonist Movement, Ad Hoc Art, Housework, and the Billyburg Film Festival, among many other venues. Her award winning writings have been featured in various publications including The NuyorAsian Anthology: Asian American Writings About New York City. Betty is a visual storyteller whose major influences and investigations include anthropomorphic objects, religious mythology, metaphysics, sacred plants, and Asian culture. Her collectible artwork are handmade, one of a kind originals, highly regarded by curators and collectors. This painting is 48 inches by 36 inches. Made with mixed medium paint on canvas.

"Sea Serpent on Parade". This painting is comprised of a confident sea dragon parading through town on a rainy, rainbow colored day. The glittering sun is shining through two moist, oversaturated, dripping clouds, and a colorful rainbow streaks the background. This painting was inspired by and completed before the 2009 NYC Halloween Parade's nautical theme "Terra Incognita", Here be dragons. In a turn of synchronicity, it did rain that night at the parade among the hundreds of dragons and nautical puppets and thousand of revelers. This painting reminds the art viewer of the key states of animal spirits to inhabit.
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