Priest of Athar Picture

Athar is the Morkel god of the sun, slingers, kings and queens as well as hyrnings, father of many lesser solar deities and adored by a number of tribes. Many Morkels see him as the king of the gods, who slings the sun every morning after heating it in a sacred fire, after which he sends his son Pegiar to retrieve the sun and casts the moon across the sky to aid him. In Morkel mythology, Athar was originally a cunning but hot-headed deity, who slew the chief of the Silver Giants, a failed attempt to create mortals, after they began to rebel against the gods. After the gods' victory and banishment of the giants, who until then had been the only source of light in world, Athar was humiliated forced to find another way to illuminate the world. After much pondering and frustration, Athar threw his obsidian knife into some rocks. One of the resulting sparks ignited a nearby tree, which gave Athar an idea; he placed a pebble into the flames until it became white-hot, then slinged it across the sky, creating the sun. This essential, if dull, routine made the god calmer and wiser over the years, something which every good Morkel leader tries to replicate in order to succeed.
The priests, and occasional priestesses, of Athar wear brightly coloured clothes and and worship the god in the open rather than within temples. His shrines are located on hills, sometimes man-made, where animals are sacrificed and the offerings burned along with yellow flowers and ribbons. The islands off the coast of the Plain of Kings, known as Athyrin, are the home of Athar and only a few chosen may set their foot upon their shores to offer thanksgivings.
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