Morkel gods I: Letha, Athar and Nexthei Picture

Three of the major Morkel gods from my Bronze Age fantasy world of Dragonia. The Morkels worship a large pantheon of gods, goddesses and heroes, most of which are part of local cults, but in most kingdoms there are six deities venerated above all.
Letha is the main fertility goddess of the Morkels, mother of plants and animals, protector of newborns and often seen as the earth itself. She planted the seed of the Tree of Heaven, which anchors the world and prevents it from dissolving into the primordial chaos. Many of the lesser agricultural deities in Morkel mythology are believed to be her children.
Athar is a sun god, king of the gods and protector of the royal dynasties. According to Morkel mythology, he ignited the first fire, from which he fashioned the sun from a glowing hot pebble and throws it every morning across the sky with his sling. Athar's strength weakens during the winter due to a curse laid on him long ago, causing the god to rest during midwinter while his children do his work in the meantime. Morkels fear this time of year, for if the god succumbs to the curse, the world shall perish.
Nexthei is the goddess of lakes and rivers, rain and music. She lives up in the Tree of Heaven where she shakes dew of the tree's branches, creating rain in the process, while her two mischievous sons cause storms. Nexthei is credited with the invention of drums and flutes, believed to have fashioned these to pass her time up in the tree.
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