Rebirth Picture

For =WolflingSilverpaws's contest. [link]

Name: Rebirth
Gender: Male

Long ago, when the Fae first came to Earth, there was a war between the humans and the Fae. Somehow, the Fae were defeated, and the retreated to an odd sort of second world, hidden in the forests. Once in a while, they creep out through their secret doors to enchant a child or leave mischievous gifts, but for the most part, they remain separate from the human world. The physical world.

One day, that will change.

One day, the skies will darken. The effects of corruption will reach deeper and deeper into the earth, until finally the earth will strike back. Storms will cover the planet, blacking out the sun for days. The clouds will be everywhere, but no rain will fall. Plants an animals will wither and crumble. Lightning will spark widespread fires that burn away whatever life is left.

Then, when the earth seems without any hope, Rebirth will come. The cracked earth will heal in his path. Behind him will rise the new sun on a new world, and life will spring up in his footsteps. The Fae will slowly come out of hiding, stepping back into the cleansed physical world for the first time in millenia.

Perhaps humanity, too, will have a second chance in Rebirth.

When I read about this contest, I thought about Irish setters. Mostly because they're already red, and their long, flowing fringes and such make me think of fire. Irish setters being, well, Irish, I tried to remember what little bit of Celtic mythology I had heard, so I could create a story for the phoenix-dog, keeping in mind that the phoenix is usually a sign of rebirth.

Then, I took that little knowledge of Celtic mythology, and I killed it. Because I really didn't know enough to follow it anyway.
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