Asylum -RSR- version Picture

Asylum is the 5th member of Arcanum. A failed human clone who's unstable growth lead to his giant's build and monsterous height, 10 feet (I believe that's 304.8 cm) tall. Asylum isn't a mute but do to his abnormal growth he doesn't have the same vocal abilities as normal humans do, thus he communicates using Morse Code or writing. He's also something of a poet.

This is the Red Sun Rising version of Asylum. Red Sun Rising is basically an alternate universe to Arcanum using the same characters but in an Old West setting. Asylum was the main attraction in a travelin freak show, going under the title of "The Titan" (Greek mythology refferance obviously). One day while his chains were under going repairs and replacement he broke free from his restrains and killed everyone in the freak show. He now roams the desert with a 120,000 bounty on his head and a bloody ball and chain in his hand.
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