Sunset Picture

In the coastal areas of what's left of Niaro, the ancient goddess of the sea is also worshipped as the goddess of the sunset. This is because the sun always seems to be swallowed by the sea in the evening. (Likewise, the god of the mountains, from which the sun seemed to rise, was called the god of dawn, although he is long since forgotten.) She was a kind soul who were likely to save those who remembered her and begged her to calm the sea.
The last centuries, however, people have listened to the ancient sagas and wondered why it never happened anymore. They have wondered what could have angered the goddess so, and made all the sacrifices they could think of. Some places entire villages has been ruined because of all the offerings. But still those not taken by the war is taken by the sea.
The ancient goddess of death, who welcomes all those taken by the sea, grieves deeply although she has more company than ever. The goddess of the sea has been dead for thousands of years, and there are none to tame the sea. The new gods cannot, and the fury of the sea cannot be held back. And there are those who tried to awaken the sea, and succeeded, and who abuses the sea to their own ends.

And the people still lay their lives in the hands of a goddess who no longer exists.

Part of the tragic mythologi of the world of Niaro, part of the same fictional universe as my other world, Ayamar.
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