The village of vampires Picture

"The village of vampires" - this is sometimes called Brazilian Araras village which is situated in a picturesque location between the hills. For residents of Araras sun is their worst enemy. They have to hide from the sun and come out of the house only at night, as the mythological vampires.
Villagers suffer extremely rare skin disease. This disease is called "œxeroderma pigmentosum".
Their skin like parchment - very thin and extremely sensitive to sunlight, it has no defense mechanisms. Ultraviolet radiation very strongly deforms the skin, and sometimes it just “melts “from the sun
This is probably the only place on the planet where there live so many people suffering from this disease. Why almost the entire village is sick? The answer to the question can be found in the past. The whole point is that the village was founded by a number of related families, resulting in the hereditary disease.
38 -year-old Djalma Antonio Jardine expects consulting a doctor in a hospital. He did have 50 operations to remove tumors on the skin, causing him to lose his nose. He recalls that the first symptoms of a tumor began to appear when he was only 9 years old.
Most villagers wear wide-brimmed hats to somehow stop the progression of the disease. However, in most cases this is not sufficient. Many people go out of the house only at night. That's why the village is sometimes called "Village of the Vampireâ€.
Children in the village are protected from the sun at birth, because it is not known when the first symptoms may appear.
Deformed and skin tumors - is not the only problems the villagers face. In addition to the parchment skin, they appear concomitant diseases that cause hearing problems, muscle tone and coordination of movements. It often occurs as delayed development. But the biggest problem - is, of course, the sun.
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