AoD: King Ortusolis Picture

The King of The Gods

Quote: "My power is unmatched

Name: King Ortusolis
Sex: Male
Age: As old as the Earth itself
Ethnicity: God
Occupation: King of The Gods, God of the Sun
First Appearance: "Angel of Darkness" (Episode 90)
Class: Deity
Allies: Queen Tempestas, The Gods, Caelestis, Malum
Foes: To Be Announced
Powers: Basically anything, but his powers concentrate on the Sun. He can unleash great beams of heated energy from his fingertips. Such energy attacks exponentially increase in power when he goes past using his fingertips. He also has immense strength and speed, among other capabilities. He can shape shift at will and more.
Personality: Serious, irritable.
Hobbies: Watching Earth and its inhabitants
Inspiration: Zeus (Greek Mythology)
Energy Projection: 7 Strength: 7 Durability: 7 Fighting Skill: 7 Intelligence: 7 Speed: 7

Bio: The King of The Gods and God of the Sun are two of many titles Ortusolis has carried throughout his life. It was he who ordered that all the gods cease to intervene in the lives of mortals, though some did not agree with this decision. Despite this, he has watched over Earth and wonders if the mortals are getting stronger as he had hoped. Such answers will have to wait, as he and his wife Queen Tempestas must try to get along right now...

End of Season 7

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