I spy with my fire eye. Picture

Although many great stories start out with "Once upon a time...", many others, such as this very minute vignette, begin with...

Many eons ago, before the earth was inhabited by bipedal virii, there were dinosaurs...or so we are told, but I suspect that there may have been a time before even that, when another group of beings inhabited our world, nay, they inhabited their own world, with their own rules, their own follies, and their very own deific beings.

The gods, in their infinite wisdom and infinite power, opted for a world of with limitations, and this angered some people. Not many though, as most felt that it was an alright thing, to die, to become ill, and to suffer through mindless drivel that they called entertainment. A few though, they thought for themselves, and they forsook the deities, calling them false, made up, a great mythology and an average set of somewhat outdated doctrines on health and morality.

These few chose to live their lives without bothering the Ziln (roughly translated to "bleating mindless wooly thing"), the people who followed the lord Kilneye. This lord Kilney, also known as the one true sky deity, ruled over everyone by the very fact that he was the god that brought light, heat, and tans to the people.

The Zilnites were unhappy though, as they saw that there were a small group of outsiders who chose to think differently, to forsake the warmth, the ritual barbecues, and the happiness that came with true removal of ones mind from the present reality. They called out to Lord Kilneye and asked him to smite the unbelievers, to remove them from the very planet, or to at least give them one nasty scolding.

Lord Kilneye looked down on the Zilnites and the others, his pupil-less fiery eye emotionless (he lacked any fiery brows or lashes) as it seemed to contemplate the very nature of existence and all of reality in the simple Zilnite request. Moments passed, and nothing happened. Moments turned into minutes, then hours, and still, nothing happened. Hours turned into a day, and a night, and nothing...well, many of the non Zilnites started leaving to go about their daily business, but nothing else happened.

Flash forward to today, and while nothing has happened as of yet, there exist amongst us the rare Zilnite that still looks upwards, waiting, watching, and praying. Is it a contemplating Lord Kilneye staring down and deciding our fate, did he opt for takeout, some herb, and a long long long nap, or is this just a silly story that was fabricated in the blink of an...

(taken outside of my apartment. sometimes the sun poses for me, and I'm lucky enough to have my camera handy)
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