Hati - The Moon Chaser Picture

"It is two wolves; and he that runs after her is called Skoll; she fears him, and he shall take her. But he that leaps before her is called Hati Hródvitnisson. He is eager to seize the moon; and so it must be." -Prose Edda

This is Hati Hródvitnisson, Skölls brother.

This is the wolf that chases the moon, just as his brother chases the sun. They will chase until the worlds end - Ragnarok - when they will finally catch the chariot-drawn celestial bodies and consume them.

As a point of interest here is the story of how Skoll and Hati began their chases! [link]

Art (C) me. its totally original... no stealy it! >=/
mail me if you wanna use it. o.o

Story and characters (c) some dead Norse dude, most likey o.O
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