LegenDex Entry No. 755 Picture


The Angels of the Isle of Japan. Servants of the Sun Goddess, Amatersau. The Tenshi dwell in a Kingdom high above the world, between the ever-shifting Clouds, and often come down only to deliver messages from the Gods to the humans they have Chosen, such as Musashi Miyamoto, Oda Nobunaga or Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and inspire them to greatness.

The Tenshi is a very benevolent entity. Filled with limitless love and compassion, but are also the heralds of divine punishment. At any Whim, the Tenshi can exact swift and destructive vengeance upon those of Wicked Hearts, as the Tennin, the powerful Guardian Angels serve directly under them.

The Presence of a Tenshi heralds great fortune and success for some, but also great pain and misery for those who have angered the Gods, particularly Amaterasu...
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