Space Junk Picture

I drew this DAYS DAYS DAYS ago but xD here

1. VY Canis Majoris scolding Helios (the Sun's nickname). Apparently Helios did something to mess up the spacetime continuum, but he'll be alright xD Plus VY Canis Majoris looked plain so I gave him a scar. Problem? xD

2. In Roman mythology, Terra (the Earth) was upset that her husband Uranus sent their first set of children down into the Underworld, so she sent her son, Saturn, to chop him up into little pieces with a sickle. In his sleep.

So I drew a more humorous approach to this and made xD yeah. Also yes, my Saturn is a girl.

3. Dwarf planet Sedna.

In Inuit (so she's Canadian xD) mythology, Sedna thought she was too good for a man. Oh yeah, plus she had really really long hair. Must I say more xD

4. Again, Roman mythology... Terra gave Uranus ugly children, blah blah blah, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE.

5. A LOT OF PEOPLE WOULD FEEL PRETTY IN A DRESS, except for those who don't. Pluto needs love, bro.

6. And Neptune likes manipulating it 8D

8. xD Mars and Jupiter in sexy togas. Jupiter is an oblivious f***. And Mars swears like a sailor xD ROMAN GOD OF WAR BABY.

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