The Olympians Picture

I tried to make the olympian gods and when I finished it I saw my big mistake I DID 13 GODS (instead of twelve) because hades do not count as an olympian god in greek mythology. In the midle of the drawing zeus is sitting on his throne .All male gods are on zeus's left hand while all female gods are on his right hand .Let's start from the left(ladies first):artemis(godness of the hunting)aphrodite(love godness)dimitra(farming and plants godness)athena(godness of knowledge and battle strategy)hera(the family godness)zeus(the leader of the other gods and god of the skies)poseidon(the sea lord)hades(the god of the underworld)hephestus(the blacksmith of the gods and god of the fire)ares(the god of war)appolothe god of music ,archery as sport and laterally asocieted with the sun)dionesos(the god of wine and parties)and the lastone hermes(is the messenger of the gods).....ouf!

The sign is in greek and means the olympian gods...
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