St Moonshines Academy: Valdis Picture

OK i didn't want to post this cause it ain't that good but i was threatened with death by tigz so here we go....*deep breath*
name: Valdis Kadinian
nickname: none.
gender: female
species: vampire
age: 150. 8
height: 160 cm
eye colour: pale gray/green
personality: cold.
likes: cold mornings and snow
dislikes: most things in particular the sun and fire.
history: Valdis Kadinian was born into the main branch of the Kadinian coven while the future head of the coven is her older brother Thanatos, she is the most powerful in the Kadinian coven and the one with the most potential.
After completing her 3rd degree in astrology and 5th in psychology and mythology Valdis decided to attend St Moonshines academy
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