Lucifer chara design Picture

For a contest on Paigeeworld.

My OC Lucifer:

He's the Devil (title of the most powerful Demon, recognized by Hell itself as its Master), Demon Lord of Pride, Emperor of Hell and husband of the Demon Queen Lilith (When he's not cheating on her...)

He's,(somewhat like in the Christian mythology) the brightest angel of Heaven who betrayed the other angels out of Pride, slaughtered most of them (it rained blood on Earth that day) and went down to Hell to become its ruler (by beating the sh*t out of every demon who stood in his way).

He's quite the lunatic. Most often irresponsible and an incorrigible (wo)manizer, he naturally is quite prideful and doesn't really care what the others think as long as he gets what he wants. He is susceptible and can get angry rather easily, causing the destruction of almost everything around him out of spite, or when he's bored (which happens rather often). He enjoys playing with the mortals and watching them suffer (physically or mentally) or fight against their fate. He finds it quite... Entertaining.

Main Abilities:
-Mostly control of Fire (like a Mage or an elemental), sometimes Light or Heat as secondary effects. He can turn his body into fire to avoid physical hits or change his appearance slightly.
-His title of Devil allows him to use Hell's Solid Fire (looks like ruby) to create weapons, pieces of armor, even buildings.
-He can also create beasts out of Solid Fire but they are little more than senseless puppets empowered by his will.
-He mostly fights using the Hell Chains though (chains made of Solid Fire that he can control at will)
-His favorite technique is called Damocles and consists of creating thousands of swords in the sky (using the Sun's "fire") before making them rain down on his enemies. (A bit like Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero)
-Since he's a Fallen Angel he doesn't have his angelic wings anymore but the Solid Fire can allow him to recreate wings. He has 6 wings and they are mostly made of weapons like swords. (He sometimes also makes a red crown-like horns-like halo to spite the remaining angels)

Other abilities:
-Technically, he can summon low ranked demons since he's their emperor but he is rarely satisfied with what they do since they dislike him because he was an angel and consider him a bad ruler (not that he likes them much either), so he very rarely calls any.
-He has a little bit of demon mojo that he can use on the really really prideful people (mostly influencing their decisions) since he's the Lord of Pride but that he very rarely uses anyway. (He says that it kills his fun)

-Generally water but salty water (sea, ocean) can suppress his powers or even hurt him whilst average water (from rivers or rain) simply bothers him and weakens him somewhat (yeah, even the Devil must bathe from time to time XD )
-Holy spells and such since he now is a demon (but it won't kill him since he was an angel before so he has a little bit of resistance left)
-Anyone who looks good enough for him to try and seduce them (he doesn't really care if it's a man or a woman, which tends to make Lilith even more angry at him)
-Lilith, since he kinda swore to protect her and not harm her (so when she's angry at him he can't really fight back so he flees far far away and waits for her to calm down)

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