Tonks, looking content Picture

well, drawn with a fanfic idea of mine in mind titled 'champions of the sun and moon' it mainly focuses on Lupin and Tonks and some vampires. in Germany. So yeah, she's wearing a hoodie and lying back in the grass, watching the moon set.

i think the shading turned out nice..

btw, I've been desperatly trying to put together a meaning for the name Nymphadora...I've finally done it, i think. Nymph: a demi-goddess from greek mythology, usually of the woods. Adora: beloved. yeah i actually found this as a name in a name book. adora... man...however, it could also be Nympha and Dora. I actually knew a lady named nympha...ouch.

so anyways...character by JK Rowling.
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