Flowers Picture

This has my social-life signature on it because this is for a friend of mine.
The meanings of the flowers do mean something and they do mean what they actually mean(0.o), but not in the same way.

true love and remembrance - mythology describes this as the flower chosen by a brave knight as a posy for his sweetheart before going to battle, as he knelt to gather the tiny blue flowers he fell into a river and was swept away, calling to his love to 'forget me not'.

first love - from the Latin 'primus' - meaning first, due to their early Spring flowering. The primrose is the sacred flower of Freya, the Norse goddess of love and was used in rituals giving honor to her.

Regard, unrequited love, you're the only one, the sun is always shining when I'm with you.

Perfect lover, frame, (red)believe me, declaration of love, (variegated) beautiful eyes.

These are my flowers.
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