Ameterasu or Ohohirume Picture

for the Art and Poetry contest in my school's Japanese Culture Club
I won first place in the art section, I chose my prize from a variety of Japanese things and got a key chain of geisha in training (however you say that in Japanese, I forgot)

It is Ameterasu a.k.a. Ohohirume, the daughter of Izanagi and Izanami, creators of the earth and all its elements (Japanese Folklore/Mythology) She is the Goddess of the Sun. Her brothers are Susano, God of the Underworld, and Tsukiyomi, her partner/opposite/God of the Moon.

This drawing depicts how she came to be. After Izanage ran from the Underwold, ran from Izanami, he looked into a mirror directly, held in the right (left?) hand and out comes Ameterasu. Held in the Left (right?) hand comes Tsukiyomi. And Held in the Left (right?) hand looking onto it from the side comes Susano.
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