Bastet.....the cat Picture

If bastet was still alive today (well you know... presuming she existed anyway) she'd look down on my kitties with disgust and pity!

Bastet was the ancient Egyptian goddess of the sun and war.
A girl from my college who I was speaking to, Erica, is studying archaeology there, and is a really avid egyptologist kind of person... Can read some heiroglyphs. (sp) and knows her mythology and history like the back of her hand!.. She inspired me to take this picture!. It's an ornamenet of Bastet, I acquired while me and my friend ~Lonefoxilluminus were in Egypt in 05, for my mum.

Aside from being a random shot... it was also another test of my lens, wanted to see how blurry I could get the DoF.....and it looks pretty damn blurry
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