The Seasons Picture

This is a cover I did for a story we had to write in my Language Arts class. We had to create a story explaining the weather in our location so I wrote ancients. Ancients are -what I believe to be- the models for the gods and goddesses for all the worlds mythologies. I consider myself an Ultimist. I believe in all gods and goddesses and that's all I'm saying.

The Seasons (c) me

((Characters on picture if names are too blurry:
White haired dude - Osiris (Egyptian God of Death)
Black haired dude - Fudo (Japanese God of Fire)
Brunette Girl - Minerva/Athena (Roman/Greek goddess of Wisdom, war, and crafts)
Long Pink Haired Girl - Ameterasu (Japanese goddess of the Sun)
Short Pink Haired Girl - Freya (Norse goddess of fertility)
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