Concept for Armia Picture

This my first conceptual illustration.

It presants a tapestry that shows the mytical world of Armia.
Armia is the world that will appear in my future comic book,
inspired by the world of Middlearth by J.R.R. Tolkien,
Narnia by C.S.Lewis,Westeros by G.R.R. Martin and
the world of Christian,Celtic,Nordic and Slavic mythology.

The tapestry would present the cofiguration of Armia Kingdom,
Sea-Kingdom by the sea or kingdom of numberus isles.

Isles-left one represants numberless spircely populated rock isles and right one a few great fertile islands with large human population and numberus life beings.

Sky-sun means Divinety,birds means flying life beings
and Dragons divine messagers and protactors of Heaven.

Tree-A world Tree the root of life on earth.

Lower part of Tapestry by the tree roots is the world out side
borders of the kingdom.
A wilderrnes fill with earthly dragons,wild horses and other creatures.
And a Dwarven kingdom beneath mountains.

Enjoy this picture.
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