Monster Sketch 8 Picture

This sketch is a desert version of a harpies (Greek monster); my version of a vulture like creature and the background is desert with canyons. If you like this, you can give a name.

This harpies is a she (harpies is always shes because it's from the real origin from Greek mythology). Her home is a cave almost at the top edge with a little crooked branch as a welcoming ornament (shown as background). She likes to soar at the open desert sky and use to desert heats of the blazing sun. No one ever saw her because she likes to be unseen. But if you ended up in almost near sudden death in the desert with nothing on you, she might swoop you up and you to her home because she follows her instinct. She might eat you or who knows what she might have plans for you. But otherwise, you might not see daylight again!
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