Deviant ID 1 Picture

My Deviant ID

Archery, acting, anime, chess, writing, drawing, reading, tatoos, history, jewelry, video games, swimming, spicy food, hats, swearing, pirates, travel, movies, popcorn, ninjas, maple syrup, ice cream, henna, snogging, mythology, fuzzy animals, chocolate, languages, shinies, music, romance, DeviantART, Youtube, ocean, fire, water, dancing, lots of other things...

In the Middle:
TV, boys, yaoi, computers, guns, cars, skirts, other people, the sun...

Spiders, flying, insane assylums, boats, robots, math, war, modern things, posers, people who think they're popular, people who think I'm emo/goth....

Don't get me wrong I don't mind people who ARE emo/goth, I just don't like being labeled thusly.

Welcome to the first example of my wierd Chibi style!!! YAY!!!
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