Acantha Dole Picture

This is a new Pokemon OC that I thought up today - and my first for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Her name is Acantha Dole. She lives in the Alola region. She comes from a wealthy business family that specialize in pineapples (a reference to the real-life pineapple company Dole). Acantha is a stereotypical spoiled brat whose rich daddy buys her anything she wants - including rare Pokemon. She is enemies with the two player characters, both of whom find her annoying, selfish, and snobby. Her mother brags about her name since she picked it from Greek mythology.

I'm not sure what Pokemon I will give Acantha since not much information has been revealed about the new games. I'd probably choose something cutesy (though most likely not one of the starters) and girly. I guess I'll just have to wait until more info comes out!
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