Vedic Alphabet - G Picture

Garuda, King of the winged ones in Hindu mythology, is a ferocious incarnation of Vishnu (Of the holy trinity) and also serves as his divine mount. He is the mortal enemy of his half-brothers, the Naga serpents led by Vasuki (See Alphabet F). So furious was his birth that the very gods trembled thinking it would bring about the end of days. Legend says that hearing their pleas, the winged divinity whose wings blotted out the sun and the stars, reduced himself in size and energy. His position in Vedic lore can be judged by the fact that two entire books of scripture (One Upanishad and one Purana) are devoted exclusively to him. Garuda exists in Buddhism too, though his role is quite different there. He is used as a martial motif in the Indian armed forces and is the National Symbol of Indonesia and Thailand.
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