iRONIC Picture

they're boyfriends. ironic.

name: icarus
age: 25
gender: male
sexuality: homosexual
likes: cats, coffee, tumblr, photography
dislikes: fire, spiders, heights
other: he's emo and normally wears the sweater shown in the picture. it has wings on the back and arms. the back of it says "frago et icendo", which, if translated correctly, is supposed to say "crash and burn"

name: helios
age: 26
gender: male
sexuality: pansexual
likes: running, sleeping
dislikes: snow, night
other: he's usually happy and is an actual ray of sunshine. he has a mammoth tattoo of the sun on his upper back. he likes to wear the red sweater pictured.

(they'll probably end up having supernatural powers and helios will be able to turn into his god form or some shit idk)
art: me
character design: me
character reference: greek mythology
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