Helios Xenos Picture

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Name: Helios Xenos
Age: 16
From: Solaceon Town; Xenos Family Ranch
Mother: Theia
Father: Hyperion
Sister(s): Eos, Selene
Pokemon: Icarus [M] Torchic, Ra [X] Solrock, Amaterasu [F] Espeon, Pyrois [M] Rapidash, Eous [M] Ponyta, Aethon [F] Rapidash, Phlegon [F] Ponyta

Mythology: Helios is the brother of Eos, and his chariot is pulled by four horses. He is a representation of the Sun, where Eos is the goddess of the dawn, in some cases, her horses are named Lampus and Phaethon, in other cases those are Helios' son's names, and her horses are Shine and Bright. there sister Selene is a representation of the moon, so for this reason, everything is chose for a reason, as far as character history.

For instance, Helios the character's hair color is white, with the exception of the side locks and the very forelock, which are pale blonde, and his eyes are gold. His hair pins, though only one is visible in the side view, has an ancient looking representation of the sun on it. Where he carries a Solrock, Selene carries a Lunatone, and his four horses are all fire type, like the sun.

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