Eden Flare Picture

Wow hey um fancy babe in the house
I got her from beccawat00 and shes perf <3
Decided to keep the theme of having the first pics of oc's be weird af

Name: Eden Flare
Age: 17
Likes: outside, the sun, heat, forests, flowers, calm people, mythology, ghosts
Dislikes: loud noises, very dark places/times, being stuck, being lost, being alone
Personality: sweet, usually happy, if someone upsets her she gets very angry, loving
Bio: Eden was created by a spec of sunlight that fell from the sky and landed on a woman. That woman longed to have children but couldn't have any. The next day she found out she was pregnant and had Eden. She lived a fairly normal life but was always connected to the sun and the outside. She knew there was something more out there so she always adventured to find something new, but stayed cautious of everything around her. Even though she was scared sometimes she always had the light and passion of the sun in her eyes.
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