Monster Girl Challenge - Plant Girl Picture

Plant girl today.
Well, I didn’t know if there would be any mythology around this one, and a long search on Google had me down until I remembered how fond the gods were of turning people into plants and animals for, like, dissing their moms and comparing the sluttiest god to a slut or some shit, I don’t know.

The gods are easily offended, is my point.

Monster Facts: This particular girl is Clytie, the sister of Leucothoe, who the sun god Apollo fell in love with. However, Clytie was in love with Apollo, but he hardly noticed her, so to get her sister out of the way, she claimed her sister was being unfaithful to the kingdom and her husband. Her father burned Leucothoe and Apollo, out of grief, scattered her ashes, turning her into a flower. Clytie was now hated by the sun god, and in her grief she didn’t eat or sleep, but stayed in one spot, watching the god travel across the sky daily. Eventually, she turned into a sunflower, a plant that follows the steps of the sun.
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