Maig! Picture

Maig! The first character I ever made in 4th grade. My memory is a bit shaky considering I haven't touched base on his story since like.. 6th grade. He is the Dragon spirit. Just like in Greek mythology (or some other gay mythology like that, I think it might've been like Native American or something.) everything had a God. A rain god, a sun god, an animal god, a food god, a drawing god etc.. Basically a god for everything. Maig was the living embodiment of the Dragon spirit, making him the Dragon god. Apparently being Dragon god means being God of muthabukkin' everything. He was equipped with the D-Sword and his supernatural Dragon-God powers, giving the ability to fly and shit. His two pals Iko and Piko ARE his D-Sword. They need eachother to transfrom into the D-Sword. Mucho important.

Maigs quest is something I forget. But I know his pals were Sheon (Wolf God), Xeon (Lion God) and his brother Max (Human). I kinda forget a lot of stuff. I should dig it all up again..
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