Deltind - Goddess of the Wind Picture

Deltind - Sky Guardian Cryscon
Type: Oz/Elemental/Wind
Class: Goddess/Immortal/Bird
Ht: 47'5" Wt: 112 Lbs Ws: 98'2"
Colours: White, Ebony Markings


1) Deltind is known in mythology as the
guardian of all beings capable of flight and
the Deity of Wind. Deltind is said to be a
cool, calculating being who does not let
emotions cloud her mind. She is also said to
be quite a strategist.
2) One of five elemental Deities, this goddess
has been said to blot out the sun itself with
her massive girth. She is said to represent
the mind, and apparently possess' a massive
intellect as a result.
3) Known to represent pride, this creature is
often detailed as preening her feathers.
Mythology paints her as smiting humans for
merely getting dirt on her feathers.
4) "My god... This being is magnificient! Her
feathers are sparkling, and... eyes full of
kno..edge. Her De... ins are thick and
po..rful. She is tr... Goddess" - Tattered

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