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Aaand here's another page to make up for two months of no pages.

Vera just loves it when Kalid gets his mythology mixed up. Can't you tell?

A little trivia might be in order, since mythology comics should be funducational (I can't believe I just wrote that). Amaterasu, also known as Amaterasu-O-Mi-Kami, is the shinto goddess of the sun, and one of the most important deities of the shinto pantheon. She was born when her father, Izanagi, bathed in a lake to purify himself after a trip to the underworld. The goddess appeared when he washed his left eye, and her brothers Tsukiyomi and Susano'o when he washed his right eye and nose respectively. Amaterasu has a bit of a...history with her siblings, but I won't go into that since some of it will be revealed in this chapter.

Stupid password for the Divine door purely intentional.

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