Venotl and Loktec Picture

Ok, this is a drawing based on a roleplay story me and one of my friends are doing. Its about various tribes of furrys in a rainforest. The culture is based on mesoamerican culture, like aztecs, inca's and mayans. Some of the furry tribes of the jungle don't even belong there, like the foxes. the mythology of the jungle is that there is a great spirit, a brazen coatl, a brass king cobra with phoenix wings and and feathers on its hood and tail, it also has a rattle to call to the inhabitants of the jungle. It is enemies with the Evil Spirit, a black basilisk with demonic power, though its nowhere near as strong as the brass coatl. There are also 15 elemental spirits, water, fire, earth, air, storm, plant, light, dark, life, death, sun, moon, order, chaos, and time. All of them sided with the coatl, all but one, the chaos spirit. The elemental spirits were all promised mortal bodies and the chance to find a mate, all but one, the chaos spirit. The chaos spirit cheated them all and gained himself a mortal form in the Thylacine tribe, his name was Loktec.

Depicted hereto the bottom right is The Fire Spirit, Venotl, mortal name Veno. Veno is a red and orange firefox, and is married to the daughter of the sun spirit, Yixa. Veno is a warm and friendly fox, and noted for his flirtatious nature. Many girls in many tribes used to get warm hugs from him, but Veno waited to give his whole self in marriage like his wife Yixa. He is fiercely loyal, and a passionate lover, and he is passionate in other aspects of his life as well. He is a fox of morals, and is a sworn protector of the jungle. He remembers nothing of his life as the fire spirit except for when that spirit wakes up (like the avatar state) then he remembers everything, and is extremely powerful and noble. When he snaps out of it he remembers nothing of his past, and only once remembers being awake as the fire spirit. His profession used to be the fox tribe fire dancer, he wields two war torches with obsidian spikes on the pole to make it more of a weapon.

Depicted to the upper left is Loktec, the Chaos Spirit. Unlike Veno he has found a way to remember everything after being trapped in a deep cave near the entrance to the underworld for murdering his entire tribe, except for one, his sister. He is the last male Thylacine in the jungle, and he is cold, cruel, and sadistic, as well as mad, and bent on bringing down the jungle and leaving it in ruin. He hides his true nature, and seems warm and polite at first, but at heart he is a savage. The only creature he cares for is his newly married wife, Virah. Virah was a lemur convict who was taken by the followers of chaos to be sacrificed to Loktec, while he was still trapped in the caves. He stopped the sacrifice because Virah was his childhood friend before he killed his tribe. They were married by Veno's friend and ally, Solace, (my friends char) who then pretended to join him and then betrayed him. Loktec will wage a terrible war on the jungle, so feirce that all the tribes, even the dreaded Sharkhai have joined forces to fight him. Only the Boarcs (boars who are sorta like orcs) have yet to join. Loktec becomes chaorrupted and mutates a bit on the eve of the war, his eyes are green and his warpaint is purple. The chaos is based on the chaos in adventurequest worlds, only run differently than Drakath.

I hope you guys like it, its one of my new favorites. Too bad I can't fave my own work.
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