WIP Crafty Isis Picture

I have always been afraid of illustration. I knew my freehand drawing wasn't perfect and kept waiting for that moment everything would fall into place and I'd have an epiphany and become Leonardo or something.

But you know what? I decided I had always been trying too hard. So what if Isis's leg isn't perfect and her foot looks weird. Draw it, colour it, and the experience will make you better (who would've thunk it).

So - Isis from an Egyptian myth, where she forms a snake from the sun god's spittle (I'll post the complete story when it's finished).
I still have a lot of work on the vegetation, but it's nice to have somthing to do that doesn't involve a lot of thought (especially when your sinuses are blocked). The little weasel-like animal (ichneumon) and the dung beetle are both foreshadowings. They're both animals of the sun god - ichneumons kill snakes and the beetle is on the path the god will take later in the day.

Tell me what you think!

colouring and vegetation tips appreciated.
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