The Creation of Ami and Depo, page 16 (Finale) Picture

Last page! After this, the color version will be submitted (again, one page a day), and then I will begin to do art for one of my poems that I wrote. So, enjoy the ending!

Page 16:

Distraught by the human’s fear, Depo returned to the moon, telling Ami what he saw on Earth and what he did to Ampo. Now, it was Ami’s turn to console Depo.

“Depo, I am sorry. I would have never taken down Ampo, but I believe what you did was right. Every time the Moon covers the Sun, let us conceive a new child. If the child creates evil, you may strike them when the Sun covers the Moon. But it they create good, then let them live on Earth and let them lead the Humans. But know that Humans will change and stop fearing you. Take comfort in knowing that I will never leave you to rule Chaos alone.”

Depo wiper Ampo’s blood onto the Moon, and looked to Ami. He loved her, so he believed her words. Together, the two continued their reign in Chaos.

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