Avengers Neo- Horus Picture

This is a picture of a character from my Marvel/Power Rangers/TMNT fanfiction story world.

This is Horus, a god of the dead from ancient Egyptian Mythology, also known as Herur or Ra-Horakhty. Seen as part man and part Falcon, Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis and is seen as a god of the sun, of war, and of the throne of the pharaoh, as many Pharaohs claimed to be the living incarnation of Horus.
Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris, and was supposedly born after his father was killed by his uncle Setesh. Raised in secret by his mother, he was protected by her until he grew strong enough to defeat his uncle, fighting a great battle with Setesh that resulted in his uncle loosing hid right hand. When he took the throne of Heliopolis, they say he merged with the Sun God Ra, (in reality being anted a fragment of his powers), taking over duties as the sun god.

As the champion and king of the Gods of Heliopolis, Horus has many powers typical of a "Sky-Father" in line with Zeus and Odin. Thus he has powerful remote senses as well as the ability to conjure matter and energy, including blinding blasts of light as hot and bright as the sun. He can also fly at great speeds on his Falcon wings.

I made this picture from Dolls I found here www.angelfire.com/on3/lilyshan… by the artist Lilly and it is used with permission.
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