Elfy people Picture

These are high ranking elves from a fictional organization of mine called Black Sun (basically a racist cult that grew to an independent city-state around the idea of elven supremacy over other races and the crazy notion that since elves in mythology are a people that came about before the sun [at least Tolkien thought so, though otherwise these dudes have little to do with tolkienian elfkind] they should put the sun out to restore their glory).

Middle one is Phaeoron Wraithsong, my oldest named character (he was first called Faeron [twisted from Tolkien's Feanor] when I was 13, then Fae'oron, and only then Phaeoron), who is the lead figure of the organization, charismatic and calculated, but a bit quick with his temper that sometimes interferes with his carefully laid plans. On his right with the helmet we have Arauchar the Unforgiving, a cold killer scary in his efficiency in both strategy and martial arts but devoid of life beyond his duty as the captain of Phaeoron's praetorians, the Guard of the Undying night. The man with the mask is Qurion the Reaper, an inspiring figure who is quick with his wit and quicker with his tongue, the life of any party and a rock that men cling to on the battlefield; the carrier of the Black Sun War Standard.
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