A Blast from the Past Picture

A bit of the blast from the past for me. Like many high school anime fans my age, I was really into the Sailor Moon fandom. Heck, having Sailor Moon S air in the States for the first time was effing amazing. Anyway, I had reams of fanfiction, complete with OCs and my own take on the mythology. None of which ever got posted to the 'net. Unless you count that some of my OCs were recycled up into my original webcomic, with most of the powers removed and changed. (Angelina up there shares a first name, looks and part of her personality with Saria's aunt.)

Anyway, I met =purenightshade through #ComicDish-MAX and saw she was entering, and it made me nostalgic. So, I brushed off my old high school stuff and looked at my work. And then changed a bunch of elements to get rid of the complicated multi-universe backstory and disguise the parts that made it into my original fiction.

(Man, this makes me want to rewatch Sailor Moon and get back into the fandom more.)

#OtakuSenshiIdols Information
Name: Angelina Dominguez
Alias: Solar Knight Alpha

Before the Silver Millennium, a part of the Sun's power was split off to create the Solar Knights. These women (and men) lacked the offensive power of the Sailor Senshi, but instead had 'the Sun's gift', the ability to amplify the power of any Sol senshi.

After Sailor Moon was reawakened in 20th century Japan, agents of Queen Beryl located a single reincarnated Solar Knight, a US college student named Angelina Dominguez. She was kidnapped, mostly as a preventative measure, lest Sailor Moon and her advisers remember the existence of such a force. After Angelina was freed -- and the magic of the Silver Crystal ensured that the year happened only in her memories -- she switched her study to become a journalist and travel the world, determined to locate the other Solar Knights so that, should another threat return, Sailor Moon would have assistance no matter where on Earth she went.

Angelina was always a serious type, but the fact she is now part of a mission to protect the Earth from threats focuses her. Though it is awkward to be working for a teenaged girl with a bit of a language barrier -- Angelina is rather awkward towards the Inner Senshi, though, she highly respects Usagi for force of will.
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