Fenris' Descendants Picture

Was looking for a Terror Bird…got a new wolf species.

The Fenris wolves, according to the thingy they’re related to Fenris…But there are some messed up info. Like the Devourers of the Sun and Moon Hati and Skol being his sons…uh no.

Hati and Skol are two jotuns who got jealous when the sun and moon carriages were put into the sky, they changed themselves into wolves and jumped into the sky and chase the two carts, which was WAY before Fenris was even born, even before Loki was born.

Anyway, they’re big, gray, with some pretty reddish colored eyes. If only the males could be as big as the original…but of course with examples being the long necked dinosaurs, too big ends up being too much to handle.

If somebody makes Sleipnir horses…well then that would be one awesome, Norse Mythology zoo.
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