Blade of Ra Picture

The Blade of Ra as the blade is in my story, a white gold blade. The reason the blade is gold at all is because the over 5000 year old ancient Egyptian relic was forged literally out of a ray of the sun from the creator god Ra himself as the first Pharaoh to keep evil and eternal darkness at bay.

(In real ancient Egyptian mythology, Ra was the creator of the universe, and light, and the original sun god, recognized as a falcon or man with a falcon head always with a sun disk crown.

*Note not to be confused with the god Horus who is also a falcon or man with a falcon head too; but he is represented as wearing the crown of Egypt, you especially see him wear the upper white and lower red crown together as he was the god pharaoh who was said to unite the two kingdoms as one nation. He is also the sky god of the moon.

In later mythology he did merge with Ra becoming Horus-Ra, but this actually didn't settle well with the majority of the Egyptian population do to being that meant Ra and Horus where each others own father, grandfather and son or something like that, instead of Ra just being Horus' grandfather as it was in the original mythology. *Either way Horus-Ra didn't sit well because of the "Ewe" factor. XD

Anyway; Ra was known as the King of gods, and Horus was known as the King of kings. And both were believed to be pharaohs who once ruled Egypt. I think that's why people get them confused.

Also; the ancient Egyptians believed that gold was literally the earthly incarnation of the sun itself.)

So it was only natural for me to make the Blade be made of gold, and I made it as white gold because white in ancient Egypt was a color of purity and omnipotence — which means having unlimited power.
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