Sarath Picture

Finally, some art of my new character. Well, a doodle of him anyway. A glorified doodle, lol. Hey, guys! Did you know I like to draw/color hair? ^^ It's fun. Also, lately Outer Space has been a thing that I like to paint a lot in my traditional, oil painting class in college. I've done at least three pieces in there where I've painted nebulae and stars in the background.

This time around it's actually quite appropriate subject matter because Sarath is a very cosmic being. Not an alien, but a Cosmic Principality. An angel. He rules over the Sun according to the Internet, but I 'updated' his mythology by giving him a very Lovecraftian flare. So he's very creepy in his true form and you lose sanity points when you look at him. You might also lose your face entirely, since faces tend to melt off *stole that from Indiana Jones and actual mythology*. His personality however, was inspired by Kaworu from NGE, who I think plays the part of an angel very well. He has this whole 'loves everyone equally and dishes out Cosmic Wisdom' thing going on. Which is entirely not Lovecraftian, lol. In the Lovecraft universe, Sar would probably more likely just make your brain explode rather than love and teach you. WRONG! That's not entirely true.

The very first source of inspiration I took for Sarath was actually an older Lovecraft work called Beyond the Wall of Sleep. In it there are beings simply called 'light beings' or 'brothers in light'. The story never specifically states what they are, but you can rightly assume they're aliens. And their mission isn't to harvest or kill humans. In fact, they seem rather indifferent to them. But the main light being in the story interacts with them in hopes that he will get his message out. By doing this, he takes a human host. Again, you can assume he's an alien. But instead of going for aliens, since the back story for said light being was very God vs Lucifer, I went with angels that get mistaken for aliens, lol. So that's what Sarath is!
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