The Creation of Ami and Depo, page 6 Picture

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Page 6 reads Top, Left to right.

Page 6:

With the Sun's dew, Ami created Fire. Any dew that fell into Earth created lava and volcanoes. Locks of Ami's hair fell onto the surface and created Water, Rives, Oceans, and Streams. Ami's nail clipping dug into the Earth, and created Plants.

Once Ami created these Orders, she took a rest. "Depo, while I rest, please create your own Orders as well." As Ami slept on the Sun, Depo created Orders.

Depo created his first Order from his dark pupils, and created "Shadows". Depo then created his second Order from stray pieces of the Moon, and placed them on the Earth. From this, he created "Mountains".

As Depo thought about a third Order, Ami awoke from her sleep.
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