Xbalenque vs. Cuchumaquic Picture

Here represented: Xbalenque plays tlachtli (A nahuatl name for the Mayan "Ball game") against a lord of Xibalba, Cuchumaquic, and the ball of the game is the head of no other but his own brother, Hunahpu, here depicted as the sun. While Xbalenque intends to recover the head of Hunahpu so he can resurrect his brother, Cuchumaquic and the other lords of Xibalba, who managed to get Hunahpu's head through the deadly, bat-like Camzotz, intend to kill the last son of Hun-hunahpu. The lords of Xibalba, though, won't manage to get hold of the smart Twins, as they find their way to avoid even death, ultimately becoming like the sun and moon, thus avenging their father, Hun-hunahpu, and their uncle, Vucub-Hunahpu.
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