Skoll Picture

Many a thousand lands i have crossed,
To make this far, to where, a clue I have not.
My journey is perpetual, It can never end,
Until the ends of the earth are discovered.
Until the earth stops turning, The horse won't stop evading me.
Why do my eyes gleam the finest of golds?
I guard before me, caged sunlight.

Skoll, sun of Fenris, chased the horse-drawn carriage which carried the sun. Everyday he eternally continued his duty, chasing the solar light across the sky. If he did not, The horse would wander away, to leave the earth shrouded in darkness. Skoll must keep it on track. He can never tire. He can never stop.

100 Themes Challenge: Light
(C) 2009 xXMadiStitchworkerXx
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